Prospective MP David McKay and his wife Leanne are about to go on holiday when his former mistress, Mel shows him a pregnancy test – it’s positive. She tells him she will raise it by herself – in return for financial compensation. Heston arrives at Leanne’s and is shocked to discover Mel is there. He realises that it is she who is pregnant, and that she orchestrated the whole thing.

Emma and Niamh are the first to arrive for Heather and Jimmi’s dinner party, and Heather is embarrassed when she mistakes them for a couple. She feels even more intimidated when Al and Ayesha arrive and she is surrounded by medical professionals. She asks Niamh if she is seeing anyone and she awkwardly explains that she and Al used to date.

However, Heather is pleased when everyone agrees that Jimmi is a good guy but her joy is short-lived when he tells her he has been married twice before.