Howard calls a meeting after work to discuss the partnership so Zara frantically calls the bank to try and arrange a loan in order to buy Julia’s share. In the meeting, Howard says he may struggle to carry on working there if Zara continues to mistrust him, adding that Zara hasn’t bothered to familiarise herself with the new staff and their special interests.

Daniel jumps to Zara’s defence and Heston suggests a break. During the break, Zara angrily tells Daniel he has no right to speak on her behalf, before rushing upset to the toilets. Having witnessed all of this, as the meeting resumes, Heston announces that they should dissolve the partnership and make a clean break.

Meanwhile, Jas is upset Al won’t talk to her and confides in Kevin, but he just says she’s an idiot if she didn’t think Al would fancy her and want more.

Also, Kevin and Heston realise they have separately treated a couple that have been arguing to the point of violence. Heston’s unwilling to intervene but Kevin attempts to help the injured party.