Kevin approaches Heston about the nature of his injuries, but his heavy-handed manner antagonises Heston, who threatens Kevin’s job if he continues with his slanderous accusations. Knowing what’s at stake, Kevin keeps his distance, but at the end of the day he sees Heston alone in his room and can’t resist checking on him and offering a friendly ear if he ever needs to talk.

But it’s counterproductive and Heston explodes at Kevin and issues him with a formal warning. Heston throws him out of his room, threatening to get Kevin struck off if he repeats any of this. Kevin flees.

Freya goes on the defensive when Cherry berates her for abandoning Mandy at the football and leaving her alone at the weekend. After much deliberation, Freya texts Mandy inviting her round, but Mandy’s unimpressed with Freya’s lack of effort; the house is untidy and she offers up beans and chips for dinner.

Upset by Freya’s half-baked attitude, Mandy decides to leave and although Freya reveals that she really does care for Mandy, it’s not enough and Mandy storms out, leaving Freya kicking herself.

Also, the Hollins family face a French invasion – but can they unite to restore peace?