Heston’s disappointed in Liam!

Heston’s held a vigil at Liam’s beside all weekend. His condition has stabilised and Heston is desperate to find out who gave Liam the drugs but he’s still unable to talk. Meanwhile, Kevin goes to Liam’s house and Finn reveals Liam’s plan for the Quack trial but Heston refuses to believe it was Liam’s idea. As soon as Liam is able to speak Heston urges him to tell the truth and stop protecting Finn.

Liam talks about the potential benefits of Quack and, with horror, Heston realises he has masterminded the whole thing. Liam admits he started the trial because of Heston’s encouragement to be the best. Liam begs Heston to defend him to the Dean so he doesn’t get thrown out of Med school but Heston can’t forgive him and refuses. As Liam blames Heston for trying to play god with his life, Heston walks away.

Elsewhere, can Emma maintain a professional distance when she meets a man determined to manage his own death?