Heston tells Ruhma he’s sorry for saying she’d be more fun if she had a drink last week but he isn’t sorry for his public display of affections. When Ruhma struggles to give him the reassurance he is looking for, a dejected Heston heads off.

Karen’s concerned when Steve’s turns up with flu like symptoms and later notices how filthy and mouldy his flat is. When she chats to Heston, he confirms Steve’s flat may have toxic black mould. Karen rushes over and is alarmed to see he’s coughing up blood.

Emma has the day from hell with Bren when she sneaks out to buy booze. By the time Niamh and Ayesha get home from work, Bren has urinated on the rug and Emma is at melting point. She tells Ayesha she wants that woman out of her house – NOW!