Daniel pretends to be interested in Heston’s love life, but when he reveals he wants to go for the partnership, Heston realises it was all an act. Heston is furious and tells Daniel he will definitely veto him as a partner.

Anxious about Smithy’s behaviour, Ruth pops home to find him holding a baby he claims he got for them. Fearful they’ll both get sectioned again, Ruth panics but Smithy assures her Olivia is fine and Ruth realises the baby is his sister. Later, Ruth returns Olivia to Smithy’s mum, Marion, who’s relieved after Smithy had disappeared with her.

Marion hadn’t called the police but asks Ruth to call The Beeches, insisting Smithy needs sectioning again. But when Ruth arrives home and finds Smithy crying, she melts and decides she can look after him.

Also, Cherry is called to the side of a dying man’s bed and struggles to come to terms with his beliefs, which strongly challenge her own.

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