Heston’s had enough abuse!

Karen’s organised a blood donation drive at the Campus and thinks Heston should set an example. As she rolls up Heston’s sleeve, Karen notices his awful bruise on the back of his arm. Heston claims it’s a tennis injury inflicted by Marina and Karen accepts his lie.

During the meeting to discuss the complaint against him, Kevin tells Julia that Marina’s hitting Heston. He mentions the cut on Heston’s head, the Christmas ‘accident’ and the way Heston flinches around her, but Julia suspects Kevin’s just trying to distract attention away from the complaint.

Julia’s annoyed when Daniel decides to hear Kevin out. Daniel questions Kevin on his whistle blowing, and his choice of timing, considering the complaint. Kevin insists that Heston filed the complaint and threatened him to ensure he didn’t tell anyone.

When a locum doctor is required after Kevin is sent home, Mrs Tembe tricks Daniel into telling her why Kevin has left and she struggles to cover her horror at what she hears. Mrs Tembe confronts Marina while she’s on a home visit and Marina’s barely able to control her rage.

Heston returns home to find Marina full of fury, accusing him of telling Mrs Tembe their business, but Heston reveals that Kevin figured out what has been going on. Suddenly, Marina begins throwing plates and cutlery at Heston, before trying to hit him furiously.

At that moment, something snaps inside Heston, who raises his fist to hit Marina but punches the wall. Heston finally stands up to Marina and ends their relationship.