Heston showers to avoid Marina and when she has left he emerges. He has bruises on his body and carefully applies make-up to conceal his bruised face. At the Campus, Heston treats 25-year-old patient Lara Bennett, who’s decided to go ahead with a pre-emptive hysterectomy.

Heston begs Lara to reconsider and is delighted when he learns she’s decided to leave it another year. Both relieved and exhausted, Heston later returns home to find that Marina has prepared dinner for two and asks her to leave. With that, she heads upstairs to pack her bags.

Mrs Tembe makes breakfast, desperate not to engage Akono in talk of their kiss. Later, Akono uses a flimsy excuse to visit Mrs Tembe at The Campus but she’s cold. Akono finds Jack for advice saying that he has fallen for a woman; in blissful ignorance Jack advises Akono to get out of Mrs Tembe’s house.

Meanwhile, Mrs Tembe concludes that she will make a nice tea for Akono. She tells him she wants him to stay with her as to leave would be a betrayal of the church’s kindness. But Akono decides to leave – and they say a cold goodbye.