Heston’s knocked out!

Heston and Marina are making two kinds of Christmas biscuits. Marina unknowingly adds a tablespoon of white pepper into her mix rather a teaspoon. When they taste the biscuits, Heston lies that Marina’s taste delicious which almost sends her into a rage, but she calms down.

Later, as they decorate the tree, Marina takes out a delicate bauble and tells Heston how precious it is to her. But disaster strikes when Heston drops the precious bauble and accidentally crushes it underfoot.

Marina sees this and charges at him. Heston is left unconscious and bleeding, having fallen and hit his head on a cast iron tree stand. He lays there, as snow from the indoor snow machine starts to fall onto his head.

At Daniel’s new house, Zara declares that she hates the house and them! Jimmi convinces Cherry to try and enjoy Christmas, while Daniel hopes Zara can do the same – if she still hates the house after renovations they can move.

After Cherry calls Zara rude and ungrateful, Zara’s still unhappy when suddenly she gasps – the baby kicks and they all bond around her, all hands on bump.

Also, Mrs Tembe gets some good news, but is brought crashing down to earth when she takes her eye off the ball.