It’s the first day back to work after the Christmas break, and Mandy’s still miffed about how Heston treated her over the panto. Mandy thinks Heston is about to acknowledge her hard work but he’s preoccupied with the fact there’s no Lapsang Souchong tea. Emma presents Heston with his favourite brew, saying she’ll tell him where she got it once he’s put things right with Mandy. Heston agrees, but further antagonising Mandy when he suggests she wouldn’t have been so creative without his leadership skills. Later, Heston finally acknowledges Mandy’s contribution.

Meanwhile, Zara and Daniel arrive as Jimmi manically washes his hands in his consulting room. Jimmi tells Howard he’s feeling unwell and needs to go home but when he offers to cover after learning that Daniel’s been called away, Howard’s surprised by his quick recovery. Later, Jimmi’s worried Zara may have told Daniel about their kiss at the panto but Zara says, as far as she’s concerned, nothing happened and Daniel doesn’t need to know. They agree that things are OK between them now but, when Zara goes, Jimmi’s smile fades and he goes back to washing his hands again.

Also, Chris tries to help someone just out of prison to change his ways – but Bobby doesn’t seem willing or able. And when Karen spends all day moaning about the pitfalls of living with Al, Mandy asks Karen if she wants to move in.