Stressed about Christine’s appearance, Heston instructs Daniel to cover for him so he can escape early for an afternoon with Lily but gets a shock when he arrives at his house to find Lily making awkward small talk with Christine. Worse, Christine has introduced herself as Heston’s ex-wife and Lily didn’t even know that Heston had been married!

Lily is clearly hurt but Heston is uncharacteristically short with her – it’s not as if she doesn’t have her own secrets! Lily leaves and Christine’s keen to talk, but Heston tells her to leave, reminding her that everything she says he’ll consider a lie. Heston can’t resist asking about ‘the boy’ and Christine tells him that Steven is outside in the car.

Heston watches as Christine walks to the car and spots a teenage boy sitting in the passenger seat, listening to his iPod. As Heston looks on it seems that his heart could break any minute.

Also, Cherry can’t stop talking about Scott, Daniel is unimpressed with his new car, and Jimmi attends a funeral that descends into chaos.

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