Heston stands over burglar Curtis’s body with a cricket bat in his hand as PC Cook arrives to investigate. On seeing Cook, Heston immediately drops the bat and explains that he apprehended him as he was ransacking his home.

When Cook asks if Curtis was armed, Heston urgently searches for the screwdriver Cook used to threaten him. He takes Cook inside his house to show him the damage done to his home but begins to feel that Cook is suspicious of him and is outraged when Cook subsequently arrests him.

Heston waives his right to a solicitor for the interview and finds himself lying about the number of times he hit Curtis. As he’s led away in a white paper suit he passes a stunned Rob who gets the full story from Cook. When Rob later goes into see him, a fraught Heston admits to lying to Cook and Rob implores Heston to tell the truth.

Heston asks to see Cook and admits that he hit Curtis more than once. The interview is terminated when Heston begins to realise the trouble he’s in and, in a chat with Jimmi, he reveals his worst fears that his medical career may soon be over.