Heston is keen for critical Jimmi to read his first proper restaurant review and see his potential as a food critic. At first, Jimmi praises Heston for finding a ‘bargain’ restaurant, but when Heston reveals it’s actually a high-end French restaurant whose tasting menu costs £200 a head, Jimmi’s appalled – what’s the point in he and Emma reviewing a place that costs more than most people’s monthly food budgets? 

By the time Heston realises the newspaper misprinted the prices at the restaurant he praised, it feels like everyone has turned against this venture and his excitement is hugely dampened for this evening’s latest instalment with Emma.

Meanwhile, Jas is thinking positive despite the eerie stalking events that have dogged her recently but her positivity wanes when she notices her kara – the bracelet that all Sikhs wear as part of their faith – has gone missing since she took it off to clean it.  Jas searches high and low for it and, eventually, can’t help herself blurting out to Howard that Al must have taken it.

Howard knows that, although Al’s working across at the campus surgery, he has to follow this up. And Al’s furious – it’s clear Howard doesn’t trust him, but now he’s keeping tabs on his every movement and accusing him of thefts without any evidence? When Mandy finds the bracelet, Jas admits her over-reaction and Howard is forced to apologise to Al, who wonders what an employment tribunal would make of these events…?

Also, Karen helps her snobbish neighbour overcome her prejudices – despite a few mishaps – when she finds an intruder in her home.