Heston’s script is scrutinised!

Heston arrives for work eager to hear if his Cinderella script has been well received, with the read through at lunchtime. When the time comes, Jimmi turns up late, Zara’s had to bring Joe, while Al and Daniel complain about the script’s lack of humour. Heston desperately tries to keep the read-through going amid increasing criticism until finally he can take it no more and storms out. Valerie brings him a cup of tea and talks him out of giving up. 

Meanwhile, Mrs Tembe has had to bring Karen into the Campus, and Howard freaks out about the legal implications of her being on site. He calls an emergency Partners meeting, where he’s horrified to discover this is not the first time Karen’s been in. While, Heston says it could be good for her recovery, Howard’s concerned with the terms of Karen’s ‘fit note’ but agrees to speak to her doctor to change the terms. 

Later, Howard tells Karen – who doesn’t have a clue who he is – that she can come back to do light work. Karen isn’t interested until Howard makes a comment about how much she earns – and when he writes a figure down, Mrs Tembe despairs as Karen cries out: ‘I’m rich, I’m rich!’

Also, when a devoted midwife kills her husband, she vows to cover her tracks – but will she be able to hold her nerve when she sees Emma?