Heston’s soiree gets off to a flying start!

Heston and Cherry prepare for the soiree and everything looks perfect but he’s dismayed to find that a bird has got in and messed up his table so they quickly reset it before Hugo and Ravi arrive. Cherry is wearing her elegant dress to play the role of hostess – but she puts her foot in it when she discusses Wales rather than whales!

Later, Cherry notices the bird lying dead among the food, and Heston is forced to stash it under a silver dome in the kitchen when Ravi follows him. But Heston’s party turns sour when Hugo and Ravi make lewd comments about Cherry and he tells them both to get out. Heston apologises to Cherry, but asks what happened to the dead bird? As Hugo and Ravi arrive back at Hugo’s he finds the dead bird in his pocket – they both scream.

Rowly admits to Julia that he’s straight, so Julia agrees to a date. Over dinner, Julia is touched to hear that Rowly always liked her and feels he shouldn’t have let Mac steal her away. But as they load the dishwasher, Julia goes to kiss him and realises it doesn’t feel right. As she goes up to her room, Rowly is left feeling crushed.

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