Heston’s wises up to Guy

Heston has arranged to take Alice for lunch at a local restaurant and everything is going wonderfully until he returns from the toilet to find a man, Guy, sat with his date. Alice asks Guy to join them and, though initially reluctant to agree, when Guy wheels himself off to the toilet in his wheelchair, Heston feels guilty and says he can join them.

But as Heston begins to realise that Guy doesn’t need his wheelchair but is using it to gain Alice’s sympathy he decides to play dirty and pushes Guy down a hill. Guy is forced to jump from the wheelchair and reveal that he can actually walk. But when Guy admits he pretended to have a disability because he didn’t think Alice would be interested in him otherwise she is won over and they kiss.

Sandra, clearly in debt, arranges to meet someone at a hotel. At The Mill, Sandra asks Elaine to look after her baby Lenny that afternoon but, when Elaine refuses, Sandra leaves Lenny outside her consulting room. Elaine goes to Sandra’s flat but she’s not there, so she follows her to an address she finds in Lenny’s nappy bag.

Elaine tries to talk Sandra out of what she’s about to do when Danny shows up. But Danny isn’t at the hotel to have sex with Sandra, he’s come to propose. Elaine learns Danny is Sandra’s ex-boyfriend, but when Danny discovers that Sandra has a baby he’s horrified she didn’t tell him. He runs off and Elaine has to chase after him to beg him to give Sandra a second chance – and Lenny a father.