Doug happily awaits Hilary’s arrival at Arthur’s party and tells Laurel that he’s decided to leave the village with Hilary to give their marriage a proper go. But Hilary never arrives for the party and he is devastated when she tells him that she wants a divorce. Laurel feels powerless as she watches her father crumble.

Carl and Anna are caught up in a bidding war over Mill Cottage and Carl asks Jimmy to buy him out of the family business so he can outbid Anna but Jimmy turns him down and reveals that King & Sons is in financial dire straits. Carl moans to Donald about Anna’s attempts to undermine him and Donald decides to call her. Donald is furious when he discovers she’s out on a date with bitter rival Matthew and he gives Carl the extra cash to buy the cottage.

Donna is in a subdued mood and has little enthusiasm for her physiotherapy session. Marlon worries about her state of mind but doesn’t know how to cheer her up. Ross turns up to visit Donna and he tells her he wants her to stay in the police force, giving Donna food for thought.

Also, Jo is hopeful when Andy plays the perfect husband.