Hilary makes a dreadful suggestion

Laurel and Ashley are stunned when Dr Marshall lets slip that Hilary tipped him off about Daniel. Laurel is furious and Ashley questions Hilary’s state of mind. Laurel launches into a furious tirade at her mother, urging her to seek help. The mood worsens later on when Hilary brings it up again and Laurel slaps her across the face. Hilary wonders how Greg and Mel will cope with their loss and Laurel and Ashley are shocked when they realise what she is suggesting…

Eric sets up a surveillance camera to ensnare David, but when David returns to the barn he senses an intruder and swings a mop at an escaping Pollard’s head. David is stunned to discover his dad and Pollard angrily accuses David of extortion. Pollard feels guilty when a hurt David offers to help him pay off the blackmailer. David realises how passionate his father is about protecting his relationship with Val and tries to reassure him that the blackmailer will be satisfied.

Miles comes clean to Jasmine about his and Debbie‘s flirtation and confesses that he wanted to make her jealous. Jasmine reluctantly admits she was jealous and they finally admit their attraction and share a kiss.

Also, Carl and Lexi have drunken sex.