Hilary walks away from Laurel

Laurel is relieved that Mel has left the village with Arthur and she assures a gutted Hilary that she can’t find it within herself to want Arthur in her life. Hilary tells Laurel that she is going to have to leave the village as she can’t stand by and watch her daughter turn her back on her son. Laurel and Hilary say a sad goodbye, while Hilary persuades Doug to stay in the village and look after their daughter.

Gennie is surprised when Brenda turns up at Paddy’s. As they leave, they witness a drunken Shadrach being led home by Lisa and Zak. Gennie feels like a rabbit caught in the headlights when the Dingles say hello and she doesn’t acknowledge her relatives. Chas sees what’s gone on and is furious with Gennie for snubbing their dad.

Nicola learns that Chas is going off on holiday and needs someone to cover for her at the vet’s. Nicola jumps at the chance to fill in but Paddy is horrified when he finds out and makes it clear that he’s not happy about having her in the surgery. Nicola bullies him into letting her stay.

Also, Ashley confides in Diane about the baby swap, while Shadrach reveals the news to Zak and Lisa.