Hit and kiss! That’s Val’s plan

The reappearance of Amy’s mum, Kerry, has been bad news for Amy, but brilliant news for Val. Now she has a reason for one-on-one chats with Pollard! And Kerry gives her another reason when Val sees her stealing from the petty cash tin in the B&B. Val can’t wait to hit Pollard with news of Kerry’s outrageous behaviour. Then she tells Pollard how scared she is that Kerry will take Amy away from them. Knowing how devastated Val would be, Pollard insists that won’t happen and, in that moment of closeness, they move in for a kiss – too absorbed in each other to notice Brenda watching!

Laurel and Marlon can’t afford to be absorbed in each other, not when Paddy’s threatening to tell Ashley everything if Marlon doesn’t let Leo move to New Zealand. That’s a threat they know they can’t take lightly. Laurel wants to tell Ashley, but finds herself telling Nicola first. Pretty soon everyone but Ashley will know!

Everyone knows about Chas and Dan, but Chas only cares about Cameron’s reaction – and she gets it. Cameron tells her she can do better than Dan and Dan senses there’s something between them. So, he’s not a complete fool – and maybe Chas should bear that in mind.

*Second episode*

Val and Pollard come very close, but they don’t kiss. Pollard pulls back and he tells Val to leave. Brenda has seen enough, though, to feel she’s lost the fight for Pollard’s affection. She tries to talk to him, but he doesn’t know she saw his near-kiss with Val and thinks he can brush off Brenda’s concerns by telling her she’s ridiculously insecure. Bad move! Especially as Brenda then sees Pollard and Val talking again. They’re putting their heads together over the best way to handle Kerry, but Brenda just sees them together. She goes to Pollard’s house and packs her bag. Pollard catches her leaving, but he can’t stop her; she’s convinced he still loves Val.

Chas definitely still has feelings for Cameron, which is why she’s using Dan to try to wind him up. In turn, Cameron’s winding up Dan, who asks Chas why Cameron’s against their relationship. But Chas just tells Dan to ignore Cameron, so he does. Instead, he focuses on making Chas happy and asks Paddy for advice. Yeah, like that had a happy ending!

Lisa desperately wanted a happy ending for her and Zak after his breakdown, but that’s looking less and less likely. Zak’s new BF is Megan, who feeds him advice and booze and Lisa doesn’t feel she can compete.