Holby City spoilers: It’s Dominic Vs Holby!

Holby City's Dominic Copeland is full of confidence when he wins his case against the hospital - but he now has a BIG favour to ask Sacha…

It’s judgement day for Dominic (David Ames) and he’s got the best lawyers in town to help him sue the hospital after being left with a stoma when Sacha (Bob Barrett) operated too hastily after his car accident. Thanks to Sacha’s support in the meeting, however, Dom wins a significant financial settlement.

Buoyed by his victory, Dom gets back to work and, on Keller ward, he meets Flo, a patient who’s learned to live with her stoma. She attends support groups – and she’s even affectionately named her stoma ‘Beryl’!

Dom, however, struggles to share in her enthusiasm and can’t be nearly as optimistic about his own situation. Sure, he’s won a generous payout but no amount of money can fix the anxiety he feels about living a life with his new condition.

Holby City Dom Sacha favour

Dom (David Ames) wants a stoma reversal – and he wants Sacha (Bob Barrett) to do it!

Dom’s decided to go for a stoma reversal – and he wants Sacha to do it! Feeling responsible for Dom’s situation, will Sacha agree to his demands?

Meanwhile, on Darwin, Kian (Ramin Karimloo) and Chloe (Amy Lennox) are treating mysterious patient Andrei. He needs urgent heart surgery but he has a fever, so they need to get that under control before then can operate. However, when Andrei’s condition drastically deteriorates, Kian and Chloe have no choice but to rush him into theatre.

Holby City Kian operates

Kian (Ramin Karimloo) operates on Andrei… and makes a big discovery!

As he operates, Kian finds Andrei’s bowel is massively distended and he can’t work why… until he finds dozens of packs of cocaine in his stomach! Chloe knows they need to tell Max, but Kian insists he’ll deal with it. What WILL recovering addict Kian do with all those drugs?

Elsewhere, Louis is feeling rejected by his own family, particularly his bigoted gran, and when his old pal Vicky turns up at the hospital – again! – he agrees to help her flee her destructive life.

Feeling under pressure that he somehow owes her, given their complex history, Louis continues stealing tech and expensive equipment from the hospital so that he can help Vicky get back on her feet. Will he soon be caught out?

Holby City continues on Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC1.