Life is looking up for Waterloo Road Comprehensive as a new term kicks off and the school launches its first ever sixth form. But a cash injection from new private investor Roger Aspinall comes at a price: a seat on the governing body and a list of changes that some people won’t like. Grantly Budgen storms out of his job.

Alongside Roger is his young son, Brett, a smart and good-looking new pupil who instantly turns the heads of the girls at the school, including Izzie’s daughter, Mika. But Mika’s best friend, Leigh-Ann, has her sights set on him, too.

Elsewhere, Izzie and Tom get a shock when they realise that Lorna isn’t going to Australia after all. Lorna tells Izzie that she bears her no ill will, but Tom remains suspicious.

Meanwhile, just as Steph steps up her attempts to pursue a proper relationship with Headmaster Jack, sexy new PA Davina makes it abundantly clear that she will provide plenty of competition..

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