Holly blackmails Zac

Kyle and Tamara return home to find police in the house, questioning Leah and Zac over the drugs found in the bathroom. Zac tells them that Holly may have placed the drugs there and Heath and Bianca sets out to clear Zac and Kyle’s names. Leah tells Holly to take focus on what she wants out of life. Holly takes the wrong message from that – she wants Zac. She approaches him promising to admit she planted the drugs to the cops if Zac will spend a night with her. Zac is shocked and refuses.

Brax tries to make Casey accept that Ricky is moving in. Casey feels betrayed and the brothers start feuding – only to be interrupted by John Palmer who turns the hose on them for being rowdy neighbours. Casey decides that Brax and Ricky have every right to be together – but he’s moving out.

Casey calls Tamara’s parents and asks them to come to the Bay and he’s confident the tables will turn against Kyle when they arrive.

Tamara’s worried that her parents won’t have forgiven her for her brother’s death, but they tell her they’re sorry for turning her away. Reminiscing with her parents, Tamara’s drawn to those happier times. They want Tamara to return home with them.