Holly comes to stay with the Kennedys

Karl reels after receiving word that his daughter Holly is coming from the UK to stay with them. But Susan is reassuring, promising Karl that Holly will settle in in no time. When Holly arrives, she seems as cute as a button. But when his back is turned, Susan quickly realises Holly’s angelic ways are only skin deep…

Having cleared the air with Paul about his attempted sabotage of Mason’s defence, Mason is keen to open his mind to new opportunities, and quits his job at the garage. Paul assures Kate he’s employing Mason to show he’s finally coming to terms with their relationship. But when Mason tells his parents, they are horrified. Terese tries to ease Lauren’s concerns by assuring her that the job is real. But Lauren tells Mason that Kate is responsible for Mason’s decision.

When Matt’s put out by Lauren’s seemingly endless babysitting commitments, he finally realises his wife might be genuinely clucky and Lauren admits he’s right.

But her hope quickly turns to disappointment when Lucas reveals he needs to sell their house in order to buy a new apartment in the Lassiters Complex, leaving them unable to afford a place to live let alone a new baby. Feeling guilty after hearing about the Turners’ thwarted plans, Vanessa promises Matt that Lucas won’t sell.