Farmer John and wife Moira really need to watch their children more closely. It took them forever to realise that poor Hannah was being bullied and now they’re struggling to cope with Holly, the daughter they thought was a model student but who, in fact, has been expelled from college and is a sneaky, manipulative druggie. Pretending to be insulted by John’s belief that she stole ketamine, Holly is refusing to come home. Adam persuades her to forgive John – then she takes the ketamine that she did, indeed, steal from Rhona and meets her mate Roz to swap it for cocaine. Can she continue to outwit her parents?

Talking of pulling the wool over someone’s eyes… Predatory blonde Tania Page breezes into Emmerdale to talk to David about how he managed to mop up all the cleaning contracts in the area. She has the young councillor very worried – and so he should be. Tania isn’t all she claims to be; she’s a bundle of trouble wrapped in a beautiful body and David is going to regret agreeing to private talks with her…

Adele wants to talk, too – she wants to know all about Andy’s past. Will he tell her everything?

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