Holly falls asleep at the wheel in Emmerdale

Holly gets high behind the wheel while she's working and crashes Victoria's street food van in Emmerdale…

Holly offers to take the street food van out on her own for Victoria. But her good deed turns sour when the addict decides to get high. Though Holly’s advised by her dealer to sleep it off, soon work gets in the way of her drugged-out doze.

Holly tries to wake herself up to drive out to see a client – but falls asleep at the wheel…

Over at Mill Cottage, Rakesh is having a nightmare. With Ronnie having discovered the whole place is a riddled with dry rot, the place has become dangerous and worth all but nothing. Having poured his savings into the development, Rakesh is a desperate, and angry, man who needs a plan B.

While Rakesh stresses out over the Mill, Nicola and Jimmy sneak in to their old home to have some ‘grown up time’.