When Cindy questions why Holly shouted Trevor’s name in her sleep, Holly tells her mum he owes her money for babysitting Curtis, so Cindy goes to confront Trevor. Worried Holly’s close to blabbing about the kidnap, Trevor goes to see her at school. Cindy’s suspicious when she turns up to give Holly her coursework and sees her and Trevor walking away from each other. She asks Holly whether Trevor’s threatening her and, later, Holly smashes Trevor’s windscreen!

Meanwhile, Diane’s in hospital with a worried Scott and Tony by her side. Dr S’Avage confirms that someone has been poisoning Diane, and Scott’s nervous when Dr S’Avage tells them they’ll have to inform the police. Diane accuses Tegan again and says she’s got proof. Tony tells Ste about the hidden camera that Diane planted and Ste panics that it will have filmed him kissing Harry. Later, Tony returns to the hospital and hands the camera to Diane. She’s devastated to find there’s no footage – someone’s deleted it!

Ste tells Harry they need to cool off for a while, but is worried about what a scorned Harry might do. Tony asks Ste to chaperone him to a gay bar so he can hand out flyers for Hollyoaks Pride. Ste’s surprised to see Harry there. Ziggy’s also been invited to the bar under false pretences and thinks he’s at a gentleman’s club. He turns out to be a big hit with the rest of the club-goers, still unaware he’s at a gay bar. Later, Ste and Harry hide in the toilets but Tony’s looking for Ste and opens one of the cubicle doors to find a sheepish Ste and Harry inside…

Also, Ziggy’s struggling to understand what Dr S’Avage told him about Leela, who’s guilted into telling him the truth. She chases Ziggy into the village and nearly gets knocked down by Trevor’s car. Ziggy confides in Jack at the pub but Leela turns up. Ziggy shocks Leela by saying he wishes she’d died in the fire. Leela gets drunk again and clashes with Trevor.