Holly makes accusations against Zac

Holly approaches Zac in the diner wanting to further their “relationship”. Bianca confronts Holly about her assignment and Holly admits her feelings for Zac, but believes they are reciprocated. Later, Zac finds Holly upset on a park bench. Whilst consoling her she tries to kiss him, and Zac rebuffs her. Hurt, Holly reports to Bianca that Zac has been initiating an inappropriate relationship with her, and has kissed her.

Brax is torn by Adam’s ultimatum – he has to choose who to release, Ricky or Tamara. Heath is adamant that he should choose but Brax, Heath and Kyle try to devise a plan to rescue both girls. Adam calls and gives Brax a deadline of 24 hours to decide. Brax refuses to sacrifice either girl.
Knowing they are being watched, Heath creates a diversion for Brax and Kyle to head out to find Adam. Adam rings Brax, time is up and one of the girls will die. He has also informed the police of Kyle’s return. Brax and Kyle find Tamara unconscious, leaving Brax to fear the worst for Ricky.

Tamara’s mental state worsens in captivity and Ricky pleads for Adam to release her, but he refuses. Adam reminds her that Ricky also played a part in Tamara’s fate.