Holly meets her grandmother

Holly and Jason turn up at Holly’s paternal grandmother’s house, but there’s no one there. The back door is open and they let themselves in. They’re mortified when Sheila walks in on them getting amorous on the sofa! They get dressed and Sheila tells them they can visit anytime, but they can’t stay.

When Finn shows Maxine video footage of Patrick, she explodes and smacks the phone out of his hand. Dennis pulls her away and comforts her, but she tells Dennis that she’s scared Patrick won’t want the baby.

Cindy is left devastated as she prepares baby Hilton to fight for his life, Holly goes to the hospital to see Hilton. Cindy arrives and explains what happened with Browning and they reach an understanding. Holly promises to always be there for Hilton, while Jason promises Sonny that he’ll leave forever, in exchange for the cash.

Blessing is concerned when George tells her what’s happened, unaware Michael is outside the Emporium listening. Michael finds Blessing at home, he’s investigating a disappearance, he knows she’s got something to do with it and he wants £500 to keep quiet… Blessing uses her rent money to pay off Michael. Dennis thinks she’s avoiding paying her way and asks her to move out. Dennis sees Michael intimidating Blessing and goes over to rescue her. He offers to give her the rest of the money to pay Michael.