Holly panics when the police arrive at Butler’s

When the police arrive at Butler’s, Cain reckons he’s in trouble over assaulting Bailey and orders Holly to hide his bloodstained shirt. But Holly’s got worries of her own as she’s got drugs on her! On the spot, she decides to hide both things in the same bag. When Moira gets involved and insists on getting rid of her husband’s incriminating shirt herself, soon Holly’s stash has vanished, too, leaving the drug addict knowing she’ll be in trouble with her dealer, Simon.

Charity tries to talk to Belle about Bailey and comes up with a plan of action to keep the teen away from the married man.

Finn, Ross and Pete push on with the cabbie business as their licences come through. While Ross distributes fliers advertising their firm, Pete is put in charge of valeting the cars. But will the venture pay off for the Barton boys?

At Mill Cottage, Rakesh tries to get reluctant Ronnie to carry on with the building work, and is thrown when he gets an email from his AWOL son Kirin asking him for a huge lump sum.