Farmer John and wife Moira are cluck-clucking about Holly’s drug-taking and arguing over the best way to make sure their daughter doesn’t develop a nasty habit. Holly, though, is a bit prickly about the whole business and unconvincingly promises her parents she won’t do any more drugs.

Despite being a small village, Emmerdale is never short of a psycho, a murderer, a blackmailer, or some other evil presence happily tormenting one or more of the locals. So, with that in mind, Pearl has no trouble believing Paddy when he tells her that he got his colourful wounds from a group of thugs who mugged him. The ‘mugger’, though, is Aaron, who thought he could exorcise his homosexuality by beating Paddy to a pulp. Chas is furious with her son and is stunned when Paddy defends him. But Aaron isn’t talking to anyone about his torment.

Meanwhile, Faye and Jai are enjoying a natural high… As frisky as spring lambs, they have fun flirting with each other as they make their way to the village’s favourite spot for romance (just ahead of the café), The Woolpack. Are they sweet on each other?

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