Still jumpy following the attack on her street food van, Victoria reluctantly agrees to do a police ID parade, even though Holly taps into Victoria’s fear, in a bid to put her off, and tries her best to freak her out. Outside the shop, Holly bumps into Jai who realises she has the urge to score drugs again. Needing a friend to confide in, she confesses that it was her dealer who attacked Victoria. Fearing for Holly’s wellbeing, Jai tries to persuade Holly to fess up and tell her mum exactly what’s been going on but is Holly now in too deep?

Waking up with a terrible hangover, Tracy discovers her lover from the night before has vanished taking the TV and laptop. When Vanessa and Carly return home, she tries to cover her tracks and announces that they’ve been burgled! But her plan is about to backfire…

Jai is looking forward to having his baby daughter Eliza stay the night but he’s reluctant to admit that he’s attending NA meetings. Meanwhile Rakesh is under mounting pressure to sort out his financial problems and calls a Payday Loan company to get a quick financial fix.