Holly sees Tony and Theresa kissing!

Tony catches Theresa typing on the laptop but is shocked to discover she’s on a missing persons website, trying to find her mum. Holly wanders through the village feeling miserable as Tony comforts Theresa. Theresa’s grateful and gives him a kiss on the cheek, but Holly threatens to tell Cindy.

Tony and Cindy fear that Dominic could be the secret blogger ruining their businesses, but Cindy spots Theresa sneakily using a laptop and decides it’s her. Meanwhile, Dominic offers Tony a chilli chocolate. Tony’s impressed and Dominic’s left irked that Tony’s taking the credit for his creation.

Duncan passes a note to Ricky in class and lands him in trouble with Des. Duncan feels guilty that Ricky won’t be able to help his dad so goes to his house to help out. Duncan panics as Martin falls and is unable to get up. Martin grabs Duncan and warns him to keep his illness a secret. Ricky returns home and, angry to find Duncan with Martin, Ricky throws him out.

Also; Charlotte’s furious at Josh for marching back in to the halls after almost killing India and Dave throws him out; Nancy walks in on Loretta waiting at a table for Jake. Nancy chastises her and Loretta’s left feeling like an idiot.

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