Dirk checks Cindy’s phone and is caught by Holly. She promises not to say anything but she later hears her mum on the phone telling someone she loves them. Holly is furious when her mum confirms that she’s seeing someone else. Holly follows her mum to her next rendezvous and is surprised by what she sees.

Darren arrives home from his hospital appointment drunk and questions why Nancy missed his appointment. She tells him there was an emergency at work, but Robbie drops her in it when he tells Darren about his dad. Nancy is furious and Robbie takes the opportunity to wind her up about her feelings for him.

Phoebe turns up and her jealousy explodes when she sees them together, she throws Robbie’s pint over him. All Nancy wants is for Darren to trust her so he hires Robbie to work at the pub to prove that he does, has he made a big mistake?

Nana returns to an empty shell of a home and tells John Paul, Carmel and Phoebe that it’s hopeless – they’ve nowhere else to go.