Cheryl manages to spice up Steph’s charity pants walk by getting the Britain’s Next Top Model contestants to join in. Duncan’s delight at girls parading around in their pants is put to a swift end when he’s caught filming them. He’s forced to strip down to his pants and leads the rest of the walk. But it’s discovered that all Steph’s sponsorship money has been stolen.

Malachy warns Brendan that he’s going to stick to him like glue until he gets proof that he robbed Chez Chez. Brendan seems unbothered but Veronica is putting pressure on him to double the blackmail money or she’ll spill all to Cheryl and Malachy.

India, Dave and Charlotte are preparing to go off on their travels, but they need to get Tex’s spending on track first. India comes up with a budget but Tex is over-generous and manages to lose her entire month’s allowance in a few hours.

India’s gutted when Alistair pulls the plug on The Bank of Grandpa and her travel plans are in tatters. Meanwhile, India says farewell to Dave and Charlotte.

Also; Cindy discovers that Alistair’s a millionaire, and sets out to win his heart again. Just when it seems too late he makes her a surprise offer…

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