Hollyoaks spoilers @25: The Halloween Spooktacular arrives in Chester!

Nico has murder on her mind as the Halloween Spooktacular gets underway

Hollyoaks continues its look back at past episodes with it’s special Hollyoaks@25, (see our TV Guide for full listings).  This week the action rewinds to 2016 when the Halloween Spooktacular has arrived in Hollyoaks with a full-sized maze and ferris-wheel, all arranged by Jude Cunningham (Davinia Taylor).


Jude opens the Hollyoaks Spooktacular

Peri (Ruby O’Donnell) is terrified of being back in the bunker with serial-killer, Nico. Meanwhile, Sienna (Anna Passey)  is freed from prison much to the disbelief of detective, Ryan Knight (Duncan James). Her and Warren (Jamie Lomas) set out to find Nico before anyone else gets hurt.


Jude declares the Spooktacular open, but pales when Cindy (Stephanie Waring) confronts her about scamming the Hollyoaks residents.

Cindy is shocked to discover all the cash Jude has stolen from her friends and wants to give it back. However, Liam Donovan has also spotted the cash.


Back in the bunker, Peri is in disbelief as Nico tries to justify why she’s killed people. Nico drugs Peri and heads out to find Tom but Peri manages to call Sienna, warning her that Nico is going to kill Tom.


Freddie Roscoe (Charlie Clapham) asks Mercedes (Jennifer Metcalfe) to come to the Spooktacular because Joe (Ayden Callaghan) wants to propose. Mercedes turns up but plans to humiliate Joe after he previously jilted her at the altar.

The Spooktacular is in full swing. Sienna and Warren arrive at the festival site to find Nico, while Ryan and the police rescue Peri.


Nico corners Tom in the fortune teller tent but as she’s trying to kill him, Jude and Cindy arrive and save him, knocking Nico unconscious. They call over the police, Sienna and Warren, but Nico has escaped!

Hollyoaks@25, which celebrates 25 years of Hollyoaks and looks back at some of the soaps most memorable episodes, airs every weekday 7pm on E4. New episodes of Hollyoaks will begin again on September