Hollyoaks spoilers @25: A manhunt gets underway for serial-killer Nico

Killer Nico Blake is on the loose but Cameron is about to trap her as he sets fire to the maze!

As Hollyoaks@25 continues on E4 (see our TV Guide for full listings) there’s a manhunt for Nico Blake, while Joe puts his plan into action to win back Mercedes as they both take a ride on the ferris-wheel. However, scorned Joanne (Rachel Leskovac) sees red when Freddie reveals what Joe is up to.


Liam catches Jude’s eye but all he really wants is her cash. Elsewhere, Peri is in hospital. Leela and Cameron rush to her side, and killer Cameron is out for revenge when he hears what Nico did to his daughter.

Back at the Spooktacular, Jesse has been recruited into the fire display team but abandons his post to spend more time with Celine, while Nico heads into the maze with Sienna in pursuit.


Sienna is hunting for Nico in the maze

Mercedes and Joe are on the ferris-wheel, but when jealous Joanne sees the ‘Will you marry me?’ banner on the ground beneath them, she distracts the operator and grinds the ride to a halt.


In the maze, Sienna and Nico come face to face, leaving Sienna unnerved by her daughter. Meanwhile, Cameron finds out that Nico is in there. He sets fire to the maze, unaware Sienna is in there too.


Sienna comes face to face with Nico

At the hospital with Tom, Jude is distracted by flirtatious Liam and lets her bag of cash out of her sight.

Forced together, Joe starts to paint a picture of what his and Mercedes’ lives could be like. She finally says “yes” to Joe’s proposal, but their eyes widen when they catch sight of the fire in the maze.


Elsewhere, Sienna and Nico are terrified when they see the flames reaching around the maze.


Warren rushes in and saves Sienna but leaves Nico trapped inside. Sienna is safe but is floored with grief when the maze collapses.

Hollyoaks@25, which celebrates 25 years of Hollyoaks and looks back at some of the soaps most memorable episodes, airs every weekday 7pm on E4. New episodes of Hollyoaks will begin again in September.