Hollyoaks spoilers! There’s confusion when Alfie gets ready for a wedding…his own!

Alfie gets ready for a special day but there's confusion when Tom gets the wrong end of the stick

Alfie is all dressed up in his best clothes and tells Tom about his plan with, “you know who”. Tom assumes he’s getting ready for a date with Yazz and later tells her that Alfie is planning a special surprise for her.

However, it’s clear Alfie has got a different woman on his mind! When he gets out of a taxi armed with a bouquet of flowers, he rushes past Yazz as if she was invisible! What’s more he has two wedding rings with him and has decorated the Folly for a special occasion. What on earth is he doing and who does he think he is marrying?

Meanwhile a furious Glenn tells Adam that there is a “grass’ and as a result, the deal with Jay is now off.

Adam starts to panic when his dad tells him when he finds out who the snitch is he’ll kill them. Glenn is quickly convinced that Zack is the culprit and sets off to track him down! What’s going to happen to Zack and will Adam crack and come clean?