Hollyoaks spoilers! The camping trip takes a terrifying turn when Ryan appears in the woods

Leah and Lucas are terrified when Ryan suddenly appears during their camping trip

Ste and Harry are still on their camping trip with Leah and Lucas but Ste and Leah have had enough and are adamant they want to go home.

Ste refuses to stay another night but before they pack up, Leah and Lucas play a game of hide and seek in the woods. However the pair are horrified when they come face to face with killer Ryan who is on the run! What is Ryan going to do?

Elsewhere Leela is panicking when she discovers her home has been broken into and calls the police and Misbah is fuming when she learns from Sally that Imran has been skipping school.

Plus Kim’s condition goes rapidly downhill and she’s left fighting for her life as her wound becomes badly infected. Is she going to be discovered before it’s too late?