Hollyoaks spoilers! Comedian and presenter Alan Carr joins Hollyoaks for a guest role

The comedian takes a stroll through Chester and catches a dispute in the offing

Alan Carr makes a guest appearance in Hollyoaks and is seen out walking his two dogs just as Yazz gets into a fiery showdown with Tony and Diane.

An angry Yazz confronts the couple about their decision to go against her mum, Misbah and things soon get heated as nosey parker Alan listens in in the background. But as the trio notice him staring, the comedian makes a swift exit and rushes off.

Elsewhere Kyle cooks up an elaborate three course meal for James but purposely winds him up in a bid to press his buttons and get him to attack him. He later drugs the crooked lawyer with sleeping pills and has another plan to stitch James up.

Meanwhile Cindy begs Milo to get his brother to return to Chester as she thinks he could be the perfect new man in her life. What is Milo prepared to do to keep Cindy happy?