Hunter is still reeling having discovered that Mac is back in Chester and has made a big recovery since the plunge that left him paralysed.

Unable to contain his fury over Mac’s part in Neeta’s death, a fired up Hunter confronts the Nightingale dad, but Mac is quick to act when he sees his son Alfie arrive.

Realising he has an opportunity to paint Hunter as the bad guy, Mac dramatically throws himself to the floor making it look like an irate Hunter shoved him.

Hollyoaks Hunter McQueen Theo Graham

Finding himself backed into a corner, how will Hunter, who’s been suffering from terrible anxiety attacks and secretly taking medication, cope with the stress of Mac being back in town? Is this latest confrontation going to tip him over the edge?

nancy hollyoaks

Meanwhile Nancy is struggling with the recent revelation that hubby Darren has been cheating on her with her best friend Mandy.

Vowing to get her revenge, Nancy has teamed up with Sienna and when she runs into Kyle she tells him she will stop at NOTHING in order to tear Darren and Mandy apart for good. What payback plans has she got in mind?

Plus charmer Romeo is back in Chester and keen to come up with another money-making scheme with his chum Prince. The pair think they’ve struck gold when they form a plan to rip off Ste’s Lunchbox catering business!

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