A desperate Farrah tries to convince Ryan he must tell her where Kim is but it seems like she’s banging her head against a brick wall, Ryan’s not budging. Farrah goes to see Tegan in hospital but when she tells her about Kim, she’s absolutely devastated.

Meanwhile, newlyweds Lily and Prince have a huge row when Lily tells her husband he’s, “just a window cleaner.” With his pride severely dented, what will Prince do?

Elsewhere, Maxine is still fuming with Adam following his vicious outburst with Darren. Grace suggests she and Maxine go off and have some fun at a spa by maxing out Glenn and Adam’s bank cards but later on Maxine is left reeling when she makes another shocking discovery about her other half.

Plus things get worse for Alfie who is still hearing voices in his head. When he and Yazz spot DS Roxy entering Glenn’s flat, Alfie suddenly decides to lock the copper in, triggering an alarm. What’s going to happen to DS Roxy and is Glenn about to find her in his home?