Hollyoaks spoilers: Felix Westwood demands the truth from Toby

Felix Westwood is reeling when he discovers exactly what his son Toby has been up to!

Felix Westwood (Richard Blackwood) squares up to his son Toby Faroe (Bobby Gordon) and demands to know the truth in tonight’s Hollyoaks on at 6.30pm (See our TV Guide for full listings).

After overhearing an argument between siblings Celeste (Andrea Ali) and Toby, Felix demands to know exactly what Toby has done.

Toby Faroe in Hollyoaks

Felix wants to know what secrets his son Toby (pictured) is keeping

Toby remains tight-lipped and refuses to give anything away but later on he’s like a rabbit caught in headlights when Felix reveals that Celeste has now told him EVERYTHING!

Sami Maalik wants to knock the law firm into shape

Elsewhere, there is tension within the fledgling law firm that James Nightingale (Gregory Finnegan), Sami Maalik (Rishi Nair) and Verity Hutchinson (Eva O’Hara) have set up.

Maxine Minniver is pitching in and comes up with an idea she thinks will help

Things are becoming increasingly cramped with the legal eagles all operating out of James’ living room in the home he shares with his mother Marnie (Lysette Anthony).

James’s mum Marnie has had enough of the chaos in the Nightingale abode

Sami is keen to improve the image of the law firm and Maxine Minniver (Nikki Sanderson) suggests a photo shoot for the website.

However Maxine’s nose is put out of joint when Verity makes it clear she thinks it should be just the legal team in the photos and Maxine should not be included.

Maxine suggest the idea of a photoshoot to Sami

Meanwhile Jordan Price (Connor Calland) is enjoying some time alone with Leela Lomax (Kirsty Leigh Porter) but his drugs boss Victor Brothers (Benjamin O’Mahony) is on his case.

Drug dealer Victor in Hollyoaks

Callum gets on the wrong side of Victor Brothers (played by Benjamin O’Mahony).

When Jordan is late for a job, Victor is furious! Is Jordan going to find himself in big trouble?

Hollyoaks is shown Mondays to Thursdays on C4 at 6.30pm with the next episode following on E4.

On Fridays Hollyoaks Favourites is shown featuring a re-run of a classic episode from the past