Hollyoaks spoilers: Things are awkward when Jack Osborne and Breda McQueen bump into each other

Jack Osborne and Breda McQueen have an awkward encounter but Breda tries to make things better by inviting Jack to Mercedes' wedding

Jack Osborne, (Jimmy McKenna), has secretly fancied Breda McQueen, (Moya Brady), for weeks, but she’s been keeping him at arm’s length. Having already come up with excuses to avoid going out on a date with him, she’s mortified when she later bumps into him while out shopping.


Despite trying to hide behind some shelves, Jack spots her, leaving Breda red-faced with embarrassment.


Trying to make the best of an awkward situation, Breda ends up asking Jack to Mercedes’ wedding and invites him to be her plus one for the ceremony. Will Jack say yes?

Elsewhere, Lisa Loveday, (Rachel Adedeji), makes a shocking discovery. Plus Courtney Campbell, (Amy Conachan), is mad that Jesse Donovan, (Luke Jerdy),  turned up at the social services meeting pretending to be her boyfriend.


She’s relieved when she’s told that she’s allowed to look after her daughter, Iona, again but she’s angry that she had to deceive social services in order to make it happen.

Jesse and Courtney end up arguing about the situation but it’s clear they secretly both still have strong feelings for each other. Are they still in love and what does the future hold for the pair?

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