Hollyoaks spoilers: James is horrified to see Mac back in the village. How far will he go to get rid of him?

When Mac resurfaces in Chester James is horrified. Can he get rid of his dad and how far is he prepared to go to make him disappear?

An alarmed James is appalled when he spots his dad Mac back in Chester

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He hastily comes up with a plan to make him go away as fast as possible.

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He offers ex-con Sylver, who’s no stranger to dodgy-dealings, a whopping £10,000 to get rid of cruel Mac who bullied and emotionally abused him as a child, by any means necessary. What will Sylver do?

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Meanwhile when Imran finally discovers that his sister Yazz has been secretly drugging him with anxiety pills he’s livid.


Unable to contain his rage he loses control and punches his sibling hard in the stomach leaving her doubled up in pain.

Elsewhere, Harry continues to sneak off to hook up with James and Ant is refusing to go to school without Dee Dee so Ste decides to bring school to the two children by teaching them together at the hospital where Dee Dee is being treated.

However a frustrated Dee Dee ends up throwing a tantrum and tries to run away. There’s worse to come when the doctors announce the medication isn’t working and Dee Dee is running out of options.

A fearful Ste decides they have to find Tony as soon as possible but will they be successful in tracking down the stressed-out dad who went awol weeks ago?

Hollyoaks is shown weekdays on C4 at 6.30pm with the next episode following on E4