Hollyoaks spoilers! Louis is planning to leave Hollyoaks!

Louis prepares for a new adventure in Hong Kong but how will Leela react when she finds out he's secretly planning to leave the village?

After being offered a teaching job in Hong Kong, Louis decides the opportunity is too good to pass up and secretly books flights for the trip. However he’s got some explaining to do when Peri spots the booking reminder to check-in on his phone.

Leela is devastated to learn he’s going to be leaving Chester but how will she react when he suggests he goes with her? Will he be needing another seat on that plane?

Meanwhile Holly decides she wants to continue with her studies and has her heart set on a psychology course but she’s worried how Damon will react to the news.

Zack suggests she sees how committed Damon is about their future together but there are crossed wires and awkward repercussions when Damon later gets the wrong end of the stick.