Hollyoaks spoilers: A tearful Mac begs Marnie to give him a second chance. Will she agree?

Following his dramatic recovery, an emotional Mac tries to convince Marnie that he's a changed man but will she believe him?

Marnie and James are still in shock that Mac has made a huge recovery and is now  talking. Things get emotional when a tearful Mac begs Marnie to believe him that he is a changed man and tries to convince her and son, James, that he deserves a second chance. What will she decide to do?


One thing she’s firm on is that daughter Ellie must not know that her dad is awake before she leaves for her round the world trip of a lifetime.

Elsewhere DS Roxy bumps into Russ and Mercedes at The Bean and reveals there has still been no arrest for Carl’s death. The detective  speaks to Russ, planting doubt in his mind about his wife- to- be and leaving him seriously disturbed by the number of Mercedes’ partners who have died. Is his wife-to-be actually a serial killer and will a worried Russ be next in line to end up in a coffin?

Plus a nervous Holly needs to find a way to tell mum Cindy that she is planning to go on a round the world trip with Ellie.


In an attempt to soften the blow she leaves clothes and mess around the house to try and annoy Cindy thinking her mum will be more pleased to see the back of her.


However, when that ruse doesn’t work she decides to bite the bullet and tells Cindy her plans.


Her mum seems to take the news surprisingly well but later secretly sends a text message to someone about Holly’s plans. What is Cindy plotting?

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