Hollyoaks spoilers! Milo sets Dirk and Cindy up on a date. Will he succeed in getting them back together?

Milo goes to great lengths to reunite Dirk and Cindy but will his tactics work? Plus Peri arranges a special birthday bash for Harley

Milo is determined to reunite exes Dirk and Cindy and gets to work setting them up on a date. However the plan starts to unravel when an oblivious Cindy heads off to the Loft to meet a guy she met on a dating app, rather than hook up with her ex hubby!

Elsewhere, Prince struggles to get any window cleaning jobs and once again resorts to breaking the law to scrape together some cash.

Meanwhile, Peri persuades Leela to let her throw a birthday party for Harley at the house but when she fails to get any guests along she bribes people to show up for the bash by offering them money.

Plus the Maalik family are in meltdown when a Social Worker turns up at the house following allegations of abuse. Who is going to find themselves in trouble?