Hollyoaks spoilers: A raging Ste attacks Misbah at Tegan’s wake!

Ste, who still thinks Misbah was responsible for Tegan's death, is furious to see the doctor turn up at her wake

It’s the day of Tegan’s funeral but emotions are pushed to the brink when Ste receives a letter stating that there is no evidence to support Misbah’s manslaughter charge.

ste and leela lomax

Ste can’t believe it when he gets a letter saying Misbah is in the clear

A furious Ste is still adamant that doctor Misbah was responsible for killing his sister when she performed emergency surgery during the storm, that left Tegan with a ruptured spleen.

ste and leela lomax hollyoaks

Unable to control his fury, he heads off to the hospital where Misbah works to start a noisy protest outside the building. Leela and Tony are worried when he is so busy protesting he won’t even make it to Tegan’s funeral.

Meanwhile, Imran catches Yazz with the recording of his confession, which she was planning to take to Misbah’s tribunal.

Imran and Yazz

Imran is angry with Yazz

Furious that his sister is going behind his back, Imran turns on her.

Later on, with Tegan’s wake underway at The Hutch, Misbah, who has been cleared of any misconduct at her tribunal, turns up to celebrate at the same venue

ste and misbah hollyoaks

Ste is furious to see Misbah at The Hutch

A fuming Ste is incredulous to come face to face with the woman he still believes killed his sister and in a fit of rage he throws a glass of wine in her face

misbah and ste hollyoaks

Ste hurls the wine in Misbah’s face

As she wipes herself down as her shocked children look on, Misbah is mortified by Ste’s angry outburst

imran, ste and misbah hollyoaks

Misbah is shocked by Ste’s angry outburst

Elsewhere Harley tells Tom she knows he’s still in love with Peri but is stunned when Tom tells her she’s got it all wrong and leans in to kiss her!

Plus Donna-Marie has made a pact with Mac that if she lies to Romeo about James and pretends that James has always known he was his father, Mac will let them move into Cindy’s house. It looks like she’s got herself a deal!

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