Hollyoaks spoilers: Russ Owen fears fiancee Mercedes McQueen is a murderer!

With their wedding date fast approaching, Russ is alarmed by the number of Mercedes's ex-loves who are now dead. Is she a killer?

After his chat with DS Roxy at The Bean, Russ Owen is still worried his future bride-to-be Mercedes McQueen could be a serial killer, since a number of her ex-loves are now dead!

As the couple meet with Father Dan to discuss their upcoming wedding, Russ is pre-occupied with thoughts he’s about to marry a murderer! But Mercedes gets the wrong idea about her fiance’s shifty behaviour and worries it could be because he’s found out she cheated on him with hunky Sylver McQueen while in Magaluf.

Will Mercedes accidentally reveal her shock secret?

Meanwhile, the Nightingale family has been thrown into chaos by the return of murderer Mac, who is now awake and out of his bed in the hospital.

Mac claims he’s a changed man after all the awful things he did previously, including pushing his own son Nathan to his doom and leaving his ex-fiancee Neeta Kaur to perish in the explosion at Hollyoaks High.

But when angry daughter Ellie confronts Mac, his protective son Alfie is alarmed when he thinks Ellie is threatening Mac. Determined to ensure his dad’s safety, Alfie resorts to desperate measures to stop Ellie…

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